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With regard to Global coverage, ASC, over the years has been able to identify a network of strong, professional and dedicated partners in almost every corner of the globe. With them, we can now offer services from or to even the smallest town in almost every country in five continents.


ASC Air Freight is totally dedicated to providing clients and overseas partners with one of the most competitive and  committed  services  possible. Since  it's inception the Airfreight department  has striven to ensure that our pricing  is  the most competitive, while at the same time, keeping sure that at no time is quality of service compromised.


                Sea-Air  has  allowed ASC  to  develop a  highly  professional service that allows  for huge savings  in  freight, as  well as cutting down on  transit times by Ocean Freight. Complete  control is allowed for right  from the moment the freight is received at  the point of origin, till  it arrives at  its required destination. If necessary, a Door-to-Door service is easily  possible and  each client's specific requirements could  be taken note of when quoting.




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